Brand Economics

What is Brand EconomicsTM?

Brand EconomicsTM is Strata Insights’ proprietary methodology that assesses a comprehensive mix of internal and external data from financial, econometric, investor relations, linguistic, behavioral and perceptual perspectives.

We map the complex relationships between all this data, previously considered unrelatable, to identify correlations and causal relationships of financial significance. We evaluate the relationships between non-financial metrics, including Brand perceptions and stakeholder behavior, with financial metrics, to establish a model that clearly shows the direct link between Brand investment and economic outcome. The result is a new set of metrics your entire corporation can act on in an integrated manner.

How do we make sense of it all?

We integrate several mathematical and accounting principles including:

  • Chaos theory
  • Set theory
  • Chi
  • Bayesian probability
  • Bilateral metric analysis
We predict too much for the next year
and yet far too little for the next 10.
– Neil Armstrong

Is Strata Insights a Good Fit for Your Company?

You are bound to have more successful results when you have the right people beside you.  We believe our client relationships, and the resulting outcomes, are more impactful when we have the right fit, too.  Our process is not for people who fear change.  We attract the supremely keen and disruptive-types who believe there’s always a better way.

To see if we would be a good match for your company, take a read through the questions below.

  •  Are you vehemently opposed to the status quo?

  •  Have you invested significant budgets to measure brand, calculate ROI or conduct research only to find the data not actionable or results not justifying future investments?

  •  Is Brand a low priority with your board and senior management?

  •  Are you looking to disrupt the marketplace?

  •  Are you willing to take on the naysayers?

  •  Do you strive to create a climate of reciprocal trust?

  •  Are you open to the painful truths Brand Economics can reveal about your business?


Find yourself saying yes to many of these?  Then we should talk.