Intangible assets now play a bigger role in your financial success whether you realize it or not.  Relying on Goodwill as a financial catch all or on typical Brand research isn’t going to help you in this Intangible Economy.

Strata Insights’ Brand Economics identifies and validates how you can win in the future, not just tell you how you did in the past.

We delve

Brand Economics examines internal and external factors to diagnose why your brand performs the way it does. As a result, you have the statistical and financial evidence to support, challenge or test business decisions that impact growth and manage risk.

Brand Economics
Answers Tough Questions

we unravel statistical connections

Using the universal language of mathematics and statistics, Strata Insights Brand EconomicsTM model integrates accounting principles, behavioral science, market research, financial performance, risk and volatility modeling, and organizational culture measurement to identify the most profitable strategic combinations.  This provides leaders with fact-based financial insight into the current and future benefits, risks, and value of specific brand investments and activities.

Why Strata Insights?

We might just make you cry

It’ll either be tears of joy providing you with proof you weren’t able to get or tears of agony because we found something shocking or causing a lot more work.

Let’s Work together

We are explorers of data

Brand is not just Marketing. We explore all relevant aspects of your business to understand what internal and external sources impact your brand’s revenue potential.

Meet Our Team

We’re done with the old ways

Current brand measurement and valuation approaches avoid deeper statistical exploration in favor of conventional analysis.

How we do it better

We use multiple methods

Most brand measures use Bayesian. We do too, plus Chaos Theory, Set Theory, Chi, Risk Forecasting, Behavioural Science, and other of economic principles to map all factors impacting your brand.

How it all stacks up

Building Standards for Financial Brand Measurement Across the Globe

Strata has been working with the following organizations to establish national and international Brand Measurement standards.  We have been working with the LES and ANSI to develop the upcoming 2019 U.S. reporting standards for Intangible Assets in the Boardroom, and contributed to the ISO’s Brand Valuation & Brand Evaluation TC: 289 / ISO:10668 internal brand measurement standards.